Hi, I'm Alex

I’m a software engineer from Vienna, Austria. I enjoy to draft & build awesome products and stunning mobile experiences.
On weekends, I love to take my classic Mini Cooper for a ride.


I am constantly working on new & exciting things. I enjoy building products and occasionally write about my development experience.

Parken Wien

Award winning iOS app that automatically checks if you need to buy a parking ticket.


Episodes keeps track of upcoming episode air dates of TV shows and notifies you when a new episode is about to air.

Objective Cat

A personal journal about my discoveries during iOS development.


I am a regular contributor and creator of open-source projects for the iOS community.


Delightful on-disk cache (written in Swift).


Placeholder views based on content, loading, error or empty states.


A QRCode generator written in Swift.

Check out the full list of open-source projects on GitHub.

Get in touch

Interested to work with me or just want to chat over some coffee? ☕️
I’m always looking for interesting tasks and new challenges.

Feel free to drop me a line at hello -æt- schuch -dœt- me.
You can also follow my adventures on Twitter, Linkedin and GitHub.